Role Of Secretaries Within Community Associations

Every community association member has its own significance and plays a key role towards the development of the community. The role of the Board of Directors is highlighted quite often, but without the services of efficient, witty and thoughtful secretaries, the BOD cannot achieve their desired results. Secretaries perform various tasks including helping the directors on planning and development and finalizing the documents on a given issue. All in all, a secretary has to deliver, because in a community association, one-man-shows cannot prevail and the members of the management need to put in a thorough effort to make their community living a successful venture.

Giving Notices

The secretary is responsible for giving timely notices to all the board meetings. It is not just about the meeting place or the time for the meeting, rather secretary, in the notice, must also address the main purpose and objective of the meeting. If the management is looking to conduct a thorough, well-planned and goal-oriented meeting, then the secretary has to be on his toes to get the job done precisely.

Agenda of the Meeting

For a board meeting, agenda plays a key role. This is where the written communication skills of a secretary come into play. In association with the president, the secretary puts forward the agenda of the meeting, so every member can come prepared. It is important for the community to conduct timely meetings aimed at the development of the community itself. To achieve these goals, there has to be a sound and comprehensive agenda in place for the meeting.

Record Keeping

Keeping records of all the meetings is essential, not just for future references, but to have a proper record of all the meetings conducted by the association. In case of community living, the record is kept in a public place to allow all the residents and the concerned entities have a look at the record of each meeting conducted by the association. The law requires all the entities to offer the meeting record to all the concerned bodies within the association. In case the information is sensitive and secrecy is to be followed, the board president needs to indicate that to the community association.

Minutes of the Meetings

The most common task the secretary needs to perform is writing the minutes of the meeting. It requires written skills to get the job done ideally. It is not just about capturing who was and who wasn’t there at the meeting, rather presenting the meeting facts and figures in the desired manner is something the secretary needs to be aware of. The association secretaries tend to offer include too much information in the minutes, which can be confusing, offering little facts about the meetings for the management to capitalize on.


The secretary of the community association is responsible for communicating the latest happenings and other news about the association to the outside world. In this day of age, it is advisable for the management to go with the services of an individual having a social media presence or one who knows marketing pre-requisites, which can help the community big time.

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