How To Market Yourself As A Motivational Speaker In Real Estate

Motivational speakers play an important role in society. They make appearance at a wide variety of events, including business seminars, graduation ceremonies and symposiums. It comes as no surprise that demand has been increasing over the years. The most successful speakers have a compelling message and demonstrate a talent for sharing gems of wisdom about various aspects of life. Branding is a major factor in this field and publishing well-composed books or magazine articles is one way to build a strong track record.

Experienced motivational speakers have the ability to incite action in the audience. This objective can be achieved through powerful delivery and clever use of words. After mastering the challenges and intricacies of public speaking, it is necessary to formulate an effective marketing strategy. A good plan helps you stand out from the crowd. Leverage any expertise in a particular field based on work experience or other endeavor.

Civic and business organizations often require knowledgeable speakers with experience in specific topics or fields. Narrowing focus provides a surefire way to target potential customers more effectively. Focusing on a topic that you are passionate, knowledgeable and comfortable with enables you to enhance your overall performance. Audiences appreciate speakers who exude high levels of confidence.

Novice motivational speakers need to build confidence and a solid reputation while learning how to market yourself as a motivational speaker. Identifying strengths and weaknesses is another way to maximize potential. Doing so makes it easier to market services online and offline.

Key marketing tips

When it comes to marketing motivational speaking services, it is important to do some preparation. Business cards enable you to create awareness about the service. Additionally, your topic or message should be solidified. This means you must be in a position to describe your services in one or two sentences. Aim to develop topics that are narrowly focused and give them interesting titles that address a specific issue.

Proceed to compile a list of available speeches and incorporate a succinct description of each. The description should outline the benefits for the audience. You may achieve the objective by creating controversy, debunking a myth, provide ways to boost income and more. Some of the catchy titles that brings results include “change your (actions) and change your (outcome).”

Develop an a professional presentation package, which informs people about your background and capabilities. The package serves as a backgrounder and sales kit. It should include your photograph (plain head shot or image of you holding a prop related to the topic), contact information, list of available speeches and business cards. In addition, the kit should contain a list of endorsements, testimonials, list of published materials, media appearances and previous clients or events.

The sales kit should be coupled with a professionally designed one-page sheet, which features key aspects of your profile. It is an abstract version of the sales kit or presentation package. The sheet can be sent along with a sales letter to potential clients.

Online presence

On the other hand, it is important to compose motivational articles and get them published in top publications or authoritative websites. The articles can play an integral role when compiling the presentation package. Creating an online presence through a blog or personal website allows you to distinguish yourself as an authoritative voice in your area of specialty.

The website or blog should feature your best motivational content, including videos and podcasts of previous speeches. The website should be designed in a way that promotes your service and provide features that promote interaction with visitors. Make an effort to keep the content current by posting articles, videos and podcasts on a weekly basis. The website or blog must be linked to your social media pages.

Make an effort to create a sizable mailing list and offer people a free weekly or monthly newsletter. Use the newsletter and social media platforms to deliver insightful content that generates interest in your services and drives traffic to your blog or website. Great content influences the audience to share with their colleagues, which helps boost awareness. In turn, this increases the number of bookings for functions.

Additional tips

Monitor upcoming events in your area, including business seminars, high school reunions, company or social get-togethers, graduation ceremonies and more. You can get in touch with the event organizers and offer your services.

Many experts recommend joining professional groupings like National Speakers Association and attend seminars on motivational. This provides a great networking opportunity that can translate to increased bookings. It is vital to inform members or leaders of business and community groups that you are available for public speaking. This creates an opportunity to perform an introductory speech at one of the groups luncheons or meetings. Doing so creates much-needed exposure.

Some of the good examples of groups to join in your area include rotary clubs, industry trade groups and alumni associations. In some cases, these groups have a real estate speakers bureau — join it.

Also consider training on building client relationships.

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