Community Management For Sustainable Development

Community leaders must look for consultants that could help them manage the affairs of the community. There are two key aspects of community management that require the assistance of consultants; these are on areas related to infrastructure service delivery and crime prevention. A reliable community management service is evident in the development of strategies to establish direct community engagement of private service suppliers. For example, the key leaders of the community must be proactive when it comes to garbage collection. Another example is the creation of a team that would monitor delivery of services financed by public funds.

Aside from dealing with issues linked to infrastructure service, the sustainable development of a community is not always dependent on the delivery of basic services alone but also on crime prevention. A community riddled with crime could never attract investors and productive citizens.

In the past, the most common method that was employed by city officials was to develop an effective law enforcement and litigation program. The combined forces of law enforcers and members of the judiciary created a deterrent to crime that helped reduce the number of criminals prowling the streets. Law enforcement and litigation compelled many individuals to think twice before committing a crime. However, in recent years, it has become clear to many people that conventional means of crime prevention are no longer sufficient to counteract the rising criminality in numerous towns and cities.

A radical approach is required in order to see more viable solutions to deal with high crime rates. Thus, community management services must also include principles related to Crime Prevention through Environmental Design or CPTED. The use of CPTED principles enabled community leaders to enhance crime prevention strategies.

In an ideal situation, members of the community are proactive in their approach to crime prevention. The action taken could be as simple as improving the lighting facilities in public places, alleys, and streets, these are places that are favorite hunting grounds of criminal elements. Crime prevention is enhanced even further when community leaders provide livelihood programs and other information dissemination activities.

Crime prevention strategies could include the creation of a neighborhood watch group. The consultant hired to help community leaders must be able to outline the necessary steps needed to create a neighborhood watch group. The consultant will bring community leaders to a face-to-face meeting with law enforcement representatives and together, they would collaborate in designing a more effective way to monitor criminal activity in a given area.


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